About Kathryn Nordstrom

I'm a portrait photographer and artist located in amazing Duluth, Minnesota. My mission is to empower women and create beautiful portraits, especially for women over 50. How would you like to be photographed? Would you like to plan a conceptual portrait? I will guide you every step of the way, through planning themes, wardrobe, your star treatment makeover, and posing. We’ll make portraits that you absolutely love for yourself, your business, and your family legacy. Oh, and don't forget about the horses! I love to photograph the heart connection we have with our beloved and beautiful horses!

I started in the darkroom during the sixth grade and haven't stopped. My other passion is riding and training horses. Makeup artist. Love my son. Live music lover. Have an Icelandic sheep named Gala.

Author of the national award winning The Fish House Book, Life on Ice in the Northland.